(adj.) Anything beyond whacky. Usually a one word exclamation of shock in response to the observed whackiness.
(n.) A person displaying whacky behavior.
by 1SillyK June 16, 2017
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A paranoid conspiracy nut, usually on the right wing of the political spectrum.
Those whackadoodles at the tea party rally were convinced that extending unemployment benefits was a plot perpetrated by the socialist puppetmasters of the U.N.
by ThirdSection August 16, 2010
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-A person not of sound mind or body.
-My boss went all whackadoodle on me today, when I reminded him I was leaving early.
by Holiday August 28, 2005
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A person who is acting insane, bizarre or highly unusual or the result of when a person with mental illness decides they are 'better' and goes off their meds.
My mom was acting like a complete whackadoodle yesterday. What a surprise, she went off her meds AGAIN!
by PocketMagic April 6, 2009
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A crazy, eccentric person of questionable intelligence.
Donald Trump may have been out of office for close to a month, but those whackadoodle MAGAts think he’ll get inaugurated on March 6. He. Lost. The. Election. Get it?
by The Real Canadian February 11, 2021
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An activity with undetermined goals.
Those poor bastards got tricked into playing three hours of whackadoodle johnson.
by Cap'n Joe D September 26, 2006
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