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The act in which you rub your Wenis and Wagina together.
Person 1: "Kevin why are you rubbing your elbow on the inside of your arm??"

Person 2: "Saw it on the internet, something called Wex"
by symbal March 06, 2008
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verb: to be boring and little fun; to act like a giant p*ssy and little b*tch
person1: What are you doing tonight?
person2: Going out to the bar to find babes to pipe. what about you?
person1: Probably going to stay home and WEX it tonight.
by geighJerome July 21, 2010
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noun - someone who involuntarily touches the side of his head, thus giving him a microscopic weiner. Wex's are often pale and tend to resemble Frankie Muniz.
Hey Jim you uh wanna go makeout with my weiner? Sure I love weiners. Munch munch munch munch munch. Mmmmmmmmmmmm weiners.

Also known to say: Da baba
by Tad Hamilton March 24, 2005
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1. dork
2. verb- sexy-wexy, any person that is not very sexy, and more child abuserish
3. magic card playing, cheerleader skirt wearing, old guy who didn't leave high school and hasn't gone through puberty
Fuck you wex, your gay
hey wex.... you suck
I don't care how many mark downs you give me, you still go down on guys!
by your dear mother May 15, 2003
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