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The westsider, is making the gang symbol for westside, so your hand looks like a giant "w", with the middle and ring fingers overlaced, and applying it the same as the shocker. The index is used to stimulate the clit, the middle and ring in the vagina, and the pinky in the anus. Nothing says gangsta or pimp more than fingering your girl with a gang sign!
Yo dog, did you get some play last night.
Hell yeah, gave that bitch a "westsider" and it was on after that.
by Tarrin, and Kimmy January 28, 2008
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someone that just dont give a fuck about shit who can rock what they want cause they just dont give a fuck. Bitch...

2 someone who will fight at the bell game cause they just wanna fight and ps they always win. WEST SCRANTON BITCH!!!!

3 People who live in west scranton: Joe Converse, Bookie Tsakonas, Michelle Converse, and Jack Hunsinger. BITCH!!!!!!!!!
1 They are some badass westsiders.
2 Is that joe,bookie,michelle and jack in that fight over there... damn they really are westsiders "hit him again bookie" "get some"
3 sorry ruth but im a westsider haha
by westsiders March 04, 2009
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A "gang" that has originated from the west coast. They are strictly gangsters and do gangster stuff. most of them are not white,because white people don't do hardcore stuff except for eminem, but he's more black than white because he hangs out with 50 a.k.a Ferrari,f-50 a.k.a KE Flowe. Don't step to this or you'll get murked. There weapon of choice is a AK-47 and they like to shoot many people. One time i almost cried but then i put my gameface on and attacked their crib with my click. In case you are a eastsider then watch out because i'll cut you and you'll die.
Look at that big westsider draggin his "cock" look out because he is gangster.
by danny gates January 07, 2005
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Noun - Someone that lives on the West Side of the River. Usually of Aboriginal ancestry and one who is addicted to drugs. A westsider usually owns a gun or lives with someone who does. Westsider's are on welfare and are frequently out of jobs, they are also not to be trusted and looked down upon. They are located in Saskatchewan, Canada.
Don't talk to that westsider, he might kill you.

Lock your doors, they are westsiders.
by Bob_S November 21, 2005
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A person that was born and raised on the westside of Jacksonville, FL. They are ruthless and no fucks are given. When you ask them where they're from they proudly proclaim "Duuuuuvaaaal" and throw up the "W".
"Aye, where you from?"

"Bitch, I'm from the westside! Duuuuvaaaal!"

"Them damn westsiders are crazy!"
by MightyMouse904 June 14, 2014
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