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This school is full of whores and fuckboys and the gym favorites. Not to mention all the gay and emo kids. Almost everyone is a stoner and depressed. Oh, and Parker will do anything for you to get detention. This school is complete bullshit. Fuck this school.
"Fuck Westlake MiddleSchool."
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by ThatOneKidInthatonedress May 06, 2018
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A school full of ultra goody goodies with hella teacher pets. The principle mrs.parker will do anything to give you a detention or iss. She will try her hardest to get you into trouble or to send you away to alt ed. It has hella fake bitches and people who need smacked. Fuck this wack ass school. It’s also pretty trashy. But it has a good a mix of rich preppy white kids and poor unfortunate kids.
Idk Westlake middle school”
by Gr8y December 26, 2017
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this school is so shitty, literally horrible. so many guys are fuck boys and get treated like a god for it but girls just get slut shamed. people are constantly talking shit, the kids and teachers will literally make you want to kill your self, the teachers are usually horrible and make you believe that if you aren't a straight A student you won't have a good future which completely isn't true. everyone there is a stoner, goodie goody, emo, a "slut", or a fuck boy. anyways enjoy three years of hell at westlake
friend "yo what school u go to"
me "fucking west lake middle school

friend "damn thats beat
by yourmomsgayyy October 03, 2018
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