Someone who is a lesbian WHILE at Wesleyan. Most of theses people don't experiment with girls post-wes.
What does Julie's boyfriend from High School think about her now that she hooks up with girls?
He doesn't know. She's just a Wesbian.
by weskid September 16, 2007
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Noun. A girl who is pretending to be a lesbian with her friend; most frequently used to make boyfriends jealous. Is NOT a lesbian and has no problem with them, just is not one.
Also in Baby Mama, used by the birthing class instructor with a lisp.
"This is a class for our new mommies and our daddies...and our mommies and mommies, our wesbian wovers."
"Dude, did you hear about Dakota and Miranda?"
"No what?"
"They're totally wesbian wovers."
by MomoStiles February 04, 2010
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(Noun) a person who engages their inner elbow (wagina) in Wexual Wintercourse with another wagina
Wagina 1: Yo, my girlfriend just dumped me, so have wexual wintercourse with me?

Wagina 2: Only if its wesbian style

Wagina 3: That's how i like it ...
by GleekyGaga September 05, 2011
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A gender confused, gay cat.

More specifically, a male cat who thinks he is a female cat, who is attracted to other female cats.
Dude, my cat Frank is a total Wesbian. He calls himself Fee Fee and hits on the neighbors cat Jane.
by Riku2411 March 22, 2009
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1. Lesbian Wedding
2. Anything correlating to a lesbian wedding
It's appropriate to wear camo to a wesbian
by KonnerFAG October 18, 2008
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1. A lesbian (female or male) who is from the state Wisconsin
2. A sexual technique where a male or female smathers a whole load of wisconsin cheese on his or her partner and makes cheese and crackers
3. The flappy skin on your ball sack
That wesbian sure does like cheese.

My wesbian shrank today, DAM THE COLD WEATHER!
by Nickolaii August 16, 2005
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