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*Note: In this article, a wenis does not necessarily have to belong to a male, about 100% of women have wenises as well, and vice versa for men having waginas. However, to properly engage in wexual wintercourse, one wenis and one wagina (or more for added pleasure) must identify as male/female to avoid confusion and getting AIDS.

Wexual Wintercourse can be defined as the intriguing and often taboo'd act of inserting/grinding/rubbing a male wenis (outside elbow) into a female wagina (inner elbow), causing one or both partners to scream out in pleasure, horror, satisfaction, etc. When the wenis is unprotected, wexual wintercourse most commonly results in the production of wabies , unwanted elbow babies.

Wexual wintercourse can also be stimulated by two male wenises rubbing/bumping/scratching their wenises together, who are commonly known in the field of elbow studies as Womosexuals.

Wesbianism is another common term used to describe two female waginas grinding/itching/tearing away at each other's inner elbows. The sad, usually alone and desperate individuals who engage in this activity are known as Wesbians
1. Wenis: I don't have any cantaloupe left in the house, wanna have wexual wintercourse?

Wagina: Sure!

2. Wenis: My feet are itchy, will your wenis pleasure me?

Other wenis: Absolutely!

3. Wagina: Unf unf unf unf

Other wagina: ...
by GleekyGaga September 05, 2011
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