A website for therianthropy. It features a directory to the members who are signed up, a forum for discussions, an encyclopedia for therianthropic terms, and many other features.
The Werelist is a place for Therianthropes, or in other words, spiritual were-creatures.
by Anuolf February 17, 2005
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The Werelist accepts other people who are not Therianthropes.. Just people who cause too much trouble, and are bitter bitter angsty, and doesn't understand the way life works, and complains, complains, complains, and complains some more are deleted. And you fit that description.
It's not a site for furries, or humans, we just accept them, if they can be open enough, and they can control their anger, and not complain about EVERYTHING about humans.
by Anuolf February 26, 2005
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A website that is a total waste of time, as if you are mundane they will boot you. There leader is unreasonble. Anyone who goes there please GET A LIFE and accept that you are HUMAN.
I was booted from werelist cause they are retards and always cater to furries and weres, not useful mundane people like myself.
by Mundane Shawn February 23, 2005
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