An unusual creature from Yukon myths, half phantom, half beast, embodying the dangers of Winter in the flesh. An elemental spirit of the wind and cold, it moves through the woods with preternatural stealth and speed, leaving hauntingly scorched trails of distantly spaced footprints in the snow.

It's attributed various powers, including flight, invisibility, the projection of illusions, and a keen tracking sense for its prey - typically unwary travellers, especially young and foolhardy ones.

The most common origin for a Wendigo is the consumption of human flesh during a harsh winter; this awakens a feral hunger that gradually transforms one into the monster. Intentional association with fell powers ('bad medicine') can also achieve the same result.

The Wendigo has been made most famous by its use by Algernon Blackwood in his short story The Wendigo. It's since inspired a Marvel comics character by the same name and various movies and television shows.

Also a well-known knave from Gaia Online.
"Jack Fiddler was one of the greatest Wendigo hunters who ever lived. Against all odds he killed some 14 of the beasts, but his accomplishments were ignored as boasting or lunacy."

"A Wendigo? What do you mean?"

"Pray you never find out, son."
by Wendigo January 31, 2005
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A mythical creature that is created by cannibalism in Native American grounds because of a curse. Yes it's also that thing from Until Dawn.
"Woah, that kid peter is obsessed with wendigo's..."
by Another Juan August 04, 2016
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The soul of a cannibal doomed to wander the earth entirely famished and craving human flesh. They leave burning footprints in the snow.
"Mayh bee the wendigo ayte your baybee"
by Germ the Germy Germinator November 04, 2003
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Dude there was this old wendigo at my door. Turns out it was our babysitter
by AFKPending November 20, 2015
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