Well shit Larry, I didn't know you were comming to the reunion.
by Skinner II August 7, 2007
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used to display ones disatisfaction
You: "So how long have you known this?"
Friend: "Um, everyone has known about it for a while now," Man.
You: "Oh...Well shit..."
by Gina and Tony August 13, 2003
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The term often exclaimed, whispered or said with an expression of complete mind Fuckedness out of utter confusion or realisation
"Why do they call it a building if it's already been built?"

"...Well Shit..."

#Mind Fuck #Well Shit
by TinkieTonkz March 2, 2017
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An expresion of discontentment in a recent turn of events
"She's going out with bob now... Well Shit"
by boris March 28, 2004
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1. Used when getting surprised.

2. When you want to get water from the well but instead of water, you get the water with some dirt.

1. Younger sibling: baaaah, when we get to da restaurant?
Dad: nah, just 20 miles more to the Burger King.
Dashboard oil indicator: BEEP BEEP BEEP


Dad: well shit.

2. Me: I'm thirsty so I'm going to get some water in the fast way. *proceeds to go to well*
Dad: good luck man.

*pulls the line after 2 minutes*

Me: What? I wanted some water not dirt!
Dad: That's some "Well Shit"!
by EarRape Fan June 23, 2021
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A response similar to 'how interesting' or 'I didn't know that'.
Ex. Person 1- "did you know that there are over a thousand different species of fish?" Person 2- "well, no shit!"
by the dirty bastard May 27, 2009
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