1. An expression of shock and astonishment that you never thought would fucking happen.

2. A term that dumb bitches love to steal from the people that orginally made it.
"Did that bus just hit all the people we hate? WELL DAMN!"
by randomtasks October 2, 2009
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it is an expressiont that means VERY WELL
I know damn well how strong you are
by Mechavelli November 21, 2018
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To express surprise or shock. Mostly used in the southern United States.
Guy 1: Come here dude. You gotta look at these tits. They're huge.
Guy 2: Well I'll be damned!
by Evil_Jesus February 27, 2009
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1. What people do when they know better.

2. What a corporation or government remains free to continue to do after being convicted of criminal activity that would have been a capital offense if an individual had been convicted of it. See also committee and bureaucracy.
Due to legal doctrines such as corporate personhood, corporations and governments have more rights than people do, so they do what ever they damn well please.
by Downstrike September 20, 2004
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a statement useful for anti-vaxxers. it was stated by a S.E. Kansas physician (1930's?) related to me by my dead momma

physician prescribed a huge pill for a patient, and the exchange went as follows:

patient: "that's HORSE MEDICINE doc !!" doctor: well then DIE!, damn you!

as a child (1950's) several nasty diseases were ravaging the population, we were CONSTANTLY being vaxxed !!(pincushions?) NOBODY had ANY "freedumb" 'tears' about it! (they WERE "mandates"!!) interestingly, these diseases
(smallpox, polio, TB, e.t.c.) were 'stomped down' !! and 'emasculated'

as regards to modern times, i say to all anti-vaxxers: well then DIE!, damn you!"
i'm not letting the gub mint put a micro chip in MY body...! "well then DIE!, damn you!"
by michael foolsley March 7, 2022
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White store clerk: Ma'am. You can't park here

Miss Thang: Excuyse me but I will park Anywhere I Damn Well Please!
by The Other Homeboy December 26, 2008
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