Belief that was founded in 2008 by Andrew Weigel after the Flying Spagetti Monster warned him in a prophetic, shroom/acid-induced vision that all world religions were wrong and everyone is in fact their own God and there is no God at the same time. Then he climbed on to an Invisible Pink Unicorn and rode off into the south to spread the message and raise money for his church, the Church of Weigel, in hopes of getting enough funding to build a telescope capable of finding Russel's Teapot. The Church lives on to this day.
Some believe in Christianity, some believe in Buddism, I follow Weigelism.
by Dman999327 February 2, 2009
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Someone who thinks he's somebody because of what's on his collar, but doesn't have a clue!
Don't talk back to me boy, you're being a Weigel.
by Jon Neal December 6, 2003
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Being Fish Hooked by a guy after he had the finger in your butt and causing a mouth sore.
What is that on your lip? Did your boyfriend Weigel you?

booty fish hook
by Panels January 4, 2018
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Grace Evelyn Weigel is a brave, annoying, with brownish-blonde hair. She's so sweet but also can be way to much. She's also very funny and full of loads of energy. Grace has long hair but hardly ever brushes it. She also loves to be with her cousin Alison
Grace Evelyn Weigel is annoying
by Bobooshca March 17, 2022
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When you strain so hard that you pop a hemorrhoid on the toilet rage tweeting .
“Where’s Dave?” “Oh, I heard he’s laid out after he Weigeled himself tweeting about critical race theory in schools.” “
by sparklefarts February 17, 2022
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