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To have a reputation for steely resolve evaporate in the face of tremendous egos that regard moderators as insignificant zeroes to be smote by their personal and political agendas.

Based on Jim Lehrer's inability to restrict the Presidential candidates in time or topic, despite considerable experience in moderating Presidential debates. Lehrer further complicated his job by reminding the candidates about limited time remaining through verbose passive-aggressive murmurings.

"He is known for his commanding ability to prevent presidential candidates from exceeding their time when responding during a debate." - removed Wikipedia comment posted after the debate
Undecided voter 1: Did you see how the moderator got Lehrered?

Undecided voter 2: There was a moderator at that desk? I just saw some roadkill that looked like it had been splashed by a semi.

Decided voters: Why the fuck do people listen to you morons?
by Undecidedmoron October 03, 2012
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