To be extremely fat and have no athletic ability whatsoever. Sometimes, weez's can be found spending long hours skateboarding, but will somehow never get better
"Dude... your such a fucking weez, you can barely kickflip"
by Yeoffrey March 31, 2007
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To borrow or use for yourself.
I am going to weeze some money off of clint because he always takes my stuff.
by Rob c October 08, 2003
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To give or get less than what is due.
The cheese steak was good, but they weezed on the fries.
by Tomahhtoe May 14, 2009
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Just smoked a dutch/bowl/bong etc.
we just weezed
wut u doing...i just weezed you
im tryna weeze
by Plips/htown June 06, 2010
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