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A small town where half the people don't even go to Weehawken Highschool, and the rest who do; get in eachothers face 24/7.

-Everyone says they want to get out of this town but end up comming back.
-99.7% Hispanic people live here.
-the other .3% White people need to stick together.
-most people have been an anchor on KWN.
-people chant "H-A-W-KEN - HAWKEN!" during a football or basketball game.
-Students have been woken up by Mr. Fitz banging his ruler on the desk.
-Half the school gets SENSE every day.
-Residents take the NYC skyline view for granted.
-People think the colors "Red, White, And Black" simply go together, no questions asked.
-the only reason we attended high school everyday is to find out who's fighting in the halls today.
-People have been involved in a snowball fight infront of the school and get in trouble with Mr.O or Dr.O
-Students think Mr. Panepinto has been pregnant for way too long now.
-Students know the true meaning of "the boiler room".
Weehawken isn't just the town next to Hoboken or across from New York. It's Home.
by lilbabexo November 23, 2006
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small shithole where everyone wants to fight each other. full of wanna-be gangsters. "our" football team sucks.
kearny kid1: yo come fight me

weehawken kid 1: no man, i come from a town where we can't fight for shit.
by jack grey October 09, 2006
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