A hangover for weed. Worst thing ever when you have something going on that day. Best thing ever when you’re free all day. It’s what happens the day after u smoke a ton of weed. You wake up with dry lips, dry eyes, dry throat, brain fog, and headaches then you definitely have a pot hangover
I can’t believe how much I smoked last night. I have such a bad weed hangover and I had plans to go skiing today
by maragdyr January 27, 2019
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The morning after a huge smoke session where you wake up after sleeping for twelve hours and feel groggy and lazy. The sheets are extra warm and theres really no point in getting out of bed. This is a bad thing if you have work or school the next day
Me and my bros bryan and drew smoked a one ounce blunt. I went to bed and woke up twelve hours later, and had slept through work. What a terrible weed hangover!
by John Longcock October 31, 2007
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That Awesome feeling when you have a had a major smoke session last night and wake up still stoned.

Please note this is normally followed by waking and baking.
me: I just had the most awesome weed hangover so decided to come on UD and tell everyone about it
by Scribzy January 8, 2014
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When your body experiences the negative side effects of being high without the pleasurable mental symptoms the morning after a smoke. They include but are not limited to squinty eyes, headache, laziness, sleepiness, and lack of motivation. The only known cure is to smoke more marijuana. It returns the brain to the same state it is in when the body usually suffers these symptoms. Other treatment options include a shower, pain reliever, and eye drops.
I wish I hadn't smoked so much last night; I was way too high to do anything, and now I have nothing to get rid of this weed hangover!
by partypants99 July 30, 2008
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When one smokes a large quantity of weed, and then eats far too much food, causing an upset stomach and bloating the next morning.
Eating that pepperoni pizza cheesecake was a bad idea. I have such a weed hangover.
by SpoonIsTooBig February 24, 2012
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Virtually nonexistent. You will wake up thinking you slept on a cloud. Refreshed and maybe a little high also. You will also have the feeling to want to wake and bake. You will be hungry and will want to eat all the poptarts, waffles, and bacon you own.
"Yo dude I have a weed hangover. I wanna go to IHOP after we smoke again. It's 9:20, its 4:20 somewhere!!!
by Tree Vaup September 30, 2012
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The three descending days after smoking marijuana, in which one feels more at one with the world than ever before.

Perhaps an indescribable out of body experience, in which, one's self is captivated by the simple beauty of subtleties in life which they previously ignored.

Some say more of a weed come down, but I like to think of it as something which hangs literally from one's self and literally pulls us into another free state of consciousness.

(OR words to that affect)
I've had a weed hangover into a new perspective
by Stoned Goose November 10, 2011
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