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The time when one has the perfect conditions to make love with another, its Wednesday, there's nothing good on t.v. your girl is not too tired from her after work netball practice
Girl, "I think I'll go to bed, I've got work in the morning."
Guy, "I know what you're trying to say, you're trying to say ooh yeah... Its Business Time."
by j to the kizzob August 19, 2008
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Time to get it on. A predetermined time in which couples engage in carnal relations. Preferably a wednesday night (hump day). From Flight of the Conchords.
Baby, it's business time. Do you know how I know? Because it's wednesday, and wednesday is the night that we make love. Thursday we visit your mother but wednesday is the night that we make love. I'll wear my business socks and you will wear that old t-shirt from that team building retreat your work took.
by criostoir September 20, 2006
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