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An individual that clearly has absolutely no idea on how to think, use or interact with the Interweb.
That guy has no idea on how to use the internet to his own advantage. He is such a Webtard.
by vevmesteren December 09, 2009
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Snowflake millennials that are keyboard Warriors
Insufferable, Self important Fashion Designer refusing to dress 1st Lady, yet cries out vociferously against a baker refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding epitomizes bigoted passive aggression & being a webtard
by Intonation Zzz November 19, 2016
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n., any individual whose act of personal stupidity is video recorded and available for viewing on the Internet (i.e., lipsynching a song, or otherwise acting like a total douche)
Did you see that video of those stupid Asian guys lipsynching to that lame-ass Backseat Boys song? What a couple of webtards!

Oh yeah, and what about that numa-numa kid? A classic example of a fucking webtard at work!
by HEFFABONG February 28, 2006
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An individual who is oblivious to web scams and phishing, usually having sub-par security installed on his machine.
I have to go next door to that webtard next door again, to remove yet another root kit.
by DocBrown68 June 20, 2008
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Someone who floods message boards and forums with single line entries simply responding to a previous post and adding nothing to the thread.
Previous post: "I saw the Broncos game last week. It was fantastic !!"
Webtard: "Yeah"

or descriptive of...."That guy writes total crap, he's such a webtard."
by tvc December 19, 2005
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A person who either A.) Skims through a forum post and makes a response not dealing with anything that was discussed. B.) A Troll C.) 4chan
What the f%#! did that post have to do with anything I was talking about? What a webtard!
by iTails December 07, 2009
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