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This is a new word made for the Sanctuary, the first online Tv series in the world.

A webisode is an episode of a Tv series that is only available on th internet.
When there's new webisodes, I will be one of the first to watch them.
by Jafje February 16, 2007
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"I went to the other day and watched the newest webisode of Strong Bad's emails."
by Katopolis March 08, 2005
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Etymology: Los Angeles, California. A combination of the words for "Web" Internet and "Episode" meaning a single segment of a television series. One "Season" of a television series usually comprises 12-14 episodes of approximately 22 mins in length. However, most Webisodes are generally 2-3 mins in length and no specific number of episodes.

First known use 1999, attributed to Stan Lee Media to promote the groundbreaking 7th Portal online superhero series created by Jesse Stagg and Steven Salim.
1 : the popularity of the first webisode in the 7th Portal series crashed the servers at Macromedia.
by Boomslang June 28, 2006
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Episodes of TV shows streamed over the internet.
Max: Did you watch Jon Stewart last night?
Alex: No dude, but I'll watch the webisode
by dr_gonzo February 23, 2006
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