He is the best in the world. It’s someone who doesn’t do any wrong. He is to sexy for his shirt.
Wow I’m felling like a Salim today
by Alex.s1245 August 12, 2020
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Often a person who is very cool. He is liked by almost everybody. Their emotions are concealed.
Yo, that guy is pretty tight... Almost like a salim
by coolbeans123456 June 12, 2009
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Salim is someone that bangs bitches and leaves them walkin' crooked.
Oh my god! I can't walk right today, I got Salim'd last night!
by Someone that isn't named Salim February 6, 2010
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n. probably the most significant person you'll ever meet in your life.
Type of person that people always regret not being more "in" with him later in life.

v. the action of owning or as others refer to it as ownage.
ex 1:
Ian: " You can have my lunch if you want..i'm not so hungary"
Jessica " Fuck! should've went out with Salim."
Ian "yeah"

ex 2:
Interviewer: " So Ashton Kutcher..we heard you're having a new show now? Can you tell us it's name?"

Kutcher: "haha...yeah..it's gnna be "You just got Salim'd!"
by Rock_ n'_Rolla February 14, 2009
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The most awesomest person in the world. One who has this name shall dominate your ass.
Person#1- I got owned by Salim!

Person#2- Well, duh. Everyone gets owned by that fatass.
by OTKSotHQ January 7, 2009
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Probably the most annoying person youll ever meet, ultimate indian. The loudest person in the room for a long shot, not because of his jokes, but because he's shrieking all the fucking time. this guy can be pretty obnoxious sometimes but mostly pretty chill, one of the sweetest people youll ever meet and will always make you feel better about yourself.
"Have you met that guy Salim? All I know about him is how loud he can be, I heard him from all the way across campus once."

"Yeah he can be annoying sometimes I guess, but he's a great friend to have by your side.
by OsamaYooMama June 11, 2023
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The purest man you can ever know, makes the funniest jokes, have the most beautiful smile that everybody loves, he is a blessing to all his family and friends, he encourages you to be the best of yourself. When you are in trouble, he helps you pick the best decision and try to advise you but when he is in trouble, he chooses the wrong decisions and doesn't know what to do. He loves a girl and he doesn't know he loves her ..but he keeps reminding her that she doesn't deserve him so he kept pushing her away till she's gone. Salim is a best friend you can always trust but when it comes to love he is always blaming himself and regretting the way he treated the love of his life. He has those big brown eyes, big lips , fantastic smile that you might want to die to be able to see it. He is the gentleman that every girl dreams to be with. He is the kindest, the good hearted man you can ever meet, the man who is always there for you and always ready to help you.
You're so kind, but no as much as salim.
Salim cried when he made his decision to leave his loved one!
by Ahla.benet.bel3alam November 24, 2021
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