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marcus pulled a 314 the other day in english and whipped out his dick for all the girls to see
by dr_gonzo October 15, 2006
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To submit a term on urbandictonary.com and give yourself thumbs up ratings to boost your score.
Tony submitted a real dumb definition to urban dictionary, so he went urb-bombing to push it uo in the ratings.
by dr_gonzo April 28, 2006
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Where one gets f'd.

First used on South Park
by dr_gonzo May 14, 2006
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Whenever you consume a vast plentitude of drugs and/or alcohol. It is a reference to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the work of gonzo journalism by Hunter S. Thompson (and adapted into a movie starring Johnny Depp). It is usually followed by the name of either the city you're in or whatever location the binge took place.
Dude, Alex and I did 30 reds, a tap of acid each, 6 lines, and half an ounce of pot each last night! It was fuckin fear and loathing in san francisco, man
by dr_gonzo February 2, 2006
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Episodes of TV shows streamed over the internet.
Max: Did you watch Jon Stewart last night?
Alex: No dude, but I'll watch the webisode
by dr_gonzo February 24, 2006
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