A gay boi is a person that isn’t gay but acts similar or like a girl . Most might have some sort of long hair and not very strong and scared to do anything .
My friend over here acts like just as a gay boi no homo but I like it
by [In start text here] October 7, 2017
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that kid that puts stuff on his story about a fat chick, yeah, he’s a gay boi
by MyGooberItches March 20, 2019
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A pre-adult homosexual male.
A high school age male cock sucker.
A teen-aged male cum dumpster.
A skinny jeans mascara wearing emo freak.
An under aged queer.
Justin Bieber.
by jsd9632 January 10, 2012
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A young male of the homosexual persuasion. Usually found in large rooms blasting loud or unitelligible music reffered to as "clubs". Known to be gay or queer. Known for exceptional taste and/or style when referring to clothing. Suspected to be extremely promiscuous. A live species has yet to be captured and kept in captivity for more than 8 hours.
by RxBoiNAtl... A gay boi June 12, 2004
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A term used when refering a male as a homosexual, gay, or fagget.
"Hi Kyle."
"Hey gay boy! How's it going?"

"Man, check out Kyle's skin tight jeans."
"Haha, he's starting to look like a gay boy."
"Yeah, you fuckin' bet. I saw him making out with Jared the other night. I fuckin' puked my guts out."
by burton_yeti August 1, 2006
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