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Used in an online chat for "Welcome Back".
Player: BRB
Player 2: k
Player: Back
Player 2: WCB
by Zaccea September 27, 2011
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World-class blowie
Ted: Dude, how was your night?
Gordon: Off the hook. Jolene gave me a WCB.
Ted: Really? World-class?
Gordon: Oh, yeah. Barack Obama doesn't get better head than this.
by Carbomb Vegetarian June 18, 2011
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(W)ar (C)raft (B)est
the famous korean wc3 and tft clan
WCB_Jackson is the best UDplayer ever!
by Chobo November 27, 2003
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WCB stands for "wow cut bye"
It is a term used you are fed up with someone and is used as a means of exiting the conversation.
"Did you see how cute that poem was though?!?"
"That poem was trash, made me want to vom."
via giphy
by fluorescentadolescent November 29, 2017
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