You can do anything, n chill ;)
Hey my parents are out of town this weekend want to come over, watch Avatar by James Cameron n chill?
by Vatt Moor March 20, 2017
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A way to invite someone over (usally a crush) and whatch Netflix with the intetion of having sex.
¨-Hey, wanna come over for netflix n chill?¨
¨-Sure, I know what that means ;)¨
by it'swhateverforever October 28, 2015
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The act of eating Mac off of someone's chest whilest simultaneously plundering their butthole

Created by @noah.virgilio @pat.podlaski @ will.kirkland on insta
Hey u... wanna mac n chill? Srsly I've got a lotta Mac...send nudes?
by Patpineapplepene June 12, 2017
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D-mode n chill...when your stressed/ you put on your depeche mode playlist and chill with friends
man it's been a crappy day ..I need to Dmode n chill
by housecoop October 1, 2018
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