You can do anything, n chill ;)
Hey my parents are out of town this weekend want to come over, watch Avatar by James Cameron n chill?
by Vatt Moor March 20, 2017
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A way to invite someone over (usally a crush) and whatch Netflix with the intetion of having sex.
¨-Hey, wanna come over for netflix n chill?¨
¨-Sure, I know what that means ;)¨
by it'swhateverforever October 28, 2015
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The act of eating Mac off of someone's chest whilest simultaneously plundering their butthole

Created by @noah.virgilio @pat.podlaski @ will.kirkland on insta
Hey u... wanna mac n chill? Srsly I've got a lotta Mac...send nudes?
by Patpineapplepene June 12, 2017
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D-mode n chill...when your stressed/ you put on your depeche mode playlist and chill with friends
man it's been a crappy day ..I need to Dmode n chill
by housecoop October 1, 2018
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When you and your math tutor are 10 min into calc and he gives you the look...
My tutor was teaching me derivatives, until we made eye contact. There was more chill than calc that math session. I hope my tutor wants to calc n chill again.
by peachesandplums October 22, 2016
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