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Describing an event or feeling that "goes with the flow".

A form of approval or acceptance with ones sentiment.
Kim asked Kanye if he wanted to go to the party, Kanye replied, "waves".

"Hey do you want mustard or ketchup on your hot dog?"
"I am waves for either"
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by Lyric culture June 04, 2017
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Hair style associated with fine ass black men who look sharp. Looks even better with a shape up. Takes time to create and maintain but makes the ladies cream.
Ouch! That nigga got some sexy ass waves!
by Nissia November 14, 2004
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Wafe (adj.) - Awesome; Sick; Unbelievable

Wafed (vb.) - the act of getting plastered on alcohol or other substances for recreational pleasure
(adj.) "Oh my god that was so wafe!" "That looks so wafe!"

(vb.) "Lets get wafed!" "Such a good night, I was so wafed."
by The Wasp and John Blythe August 03, 2013
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Refers to a primarily Black hairstyle, where enough gel or texturizer is used to turn normally curly hair, "wavy". Not nearly as popular now as it was in mid to late 80's. Also the explanation for a so-called "wave" brush. Very even flowing waves are difficult to obtain and were highly regarded once.
Son, I can get so many waves, it'll make ya seasick.
by filmchild February 24, 2004
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To place ones testicle or testicles inside the anus or vagina of his sexual partner. Similar terms include "bathing the dog" "the vagina fly trap". Variations include the "lego lock"; where one places one testicle in the rectum while simualtainiously placing the other free testicle in the vagina. Or the "bubble bath" where the both testicles are placed into the vagina or ass and queefed or farted on.
My wafe skills have suffered ever since the cancer has spread to my groin.
by slickyslackoff March 21, 2007
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