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When you drink to much water, or liquid to fast and you throw it right back up.
Look at Jim, hes water logging himself, he drank way to much to fast and now is over the side of the boat puking
by DEZ2018 March 07, 2018
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When you have to piss so bad that you get an erection
Jason: I woke up and had the biggest waterlog, but I just went back to sleep instead
Kevin: I gotta go take a piss, I've been waterlogging for the last 10 minutes.
by sicksociety February 25, 2009
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The act of turning on the sink of bathtub so no one can hear you take a shit. Whether it be in the next room because of paper thin walls or the neighbors in the apartment next to yours.
Taylor: Why did you turn the water on when you went into the bathroom? I know you didn't wash your hands for twenty minutes.

Phil: I was ummm washing my hair.

mark: Admit it you were water logging!

Phil: Alright I drank a lot last night you happy?
by with everything October 28, 2009
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When the previous users' poop fails to flush and you're forced to pee atop them.
Padjo: shit son, I walked in there and it was like someone cut down a smelly forest.

Pepe: What'd you do bro? Go waterlogging?

Padjo: I had no choice, it was that or pisspants my damn self; I waterlogged those suckers til it was poop soup.
Pepe: Choice!
by Ninoblanco August 14, 2013
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When you urinate in a girls anus and continue to pound her in the anus as her body fills with your urine
I went waterlogging and it was wet and smelly
by jigabooface November 22, 2011
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