A wasteman can be many things like....
-Sell out
-Fuck tard
-Penis licker
Yo DJ your a wasteman for Snitching.
by Bigmoth December 03, 2018
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when someone is a waste of space or when someone chats shit behind someone else's back
he is known as a wasteman around these parts
by aqua_TJS January 08, 2021
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A D1 basketbll player that cheats on his girlfriend and claims he's in love with her but sticks his dick in anything with a face.
That boy junior is such a wasteman!
by toecheese July 03, 2017
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Can be used to diss people
It’s means you are the most useless yute or your just a dickhead
by Urlocalafghan May 13, 2020
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One who is in no way shape or form irrelevant, and wastes their time, and the time of everybody else around them. A complete dog who nobody cares about and/or likes. Typically will keep people from performing an action they need or want to do.
Jordan Day is an absolute Wasteman, he kept us behind after class for 5 minutes for no reason what so ever. What a Wastecunt
by JmeBBK November 23, 2015
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