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In order to Waste and Baste your woman, you need three essential items.

1) A handle of Tequila
2) A paintbrush (the bigger the better)
3) A bucket of Barbecue Sauce.

The steps to Wasting and Basting are as follows:

1) Get your woman REALLY drunk on Tequila. I mean, blackout drunk. So drunk that she doesn't even know what's going on. This is the waste part.
2) After she is wasted, you want to strip her down to her bare ass.
3) Take your paintbrush, and dip it into the Barbecue Sauce. Get your paintbrush covered. Make sure all of the little bristles are completely immersed in BBQ sauce.
4) Take the paintbrush, and spread it all over her fine ass and her titties. Don't be afraid to use the paintbrush!

And voila, you have successfully wasted and basted your first woman. BUT, if you really wanna be a man; there is one optional step:

5) Lick the BBQ sauce clean off of her ass and titties.
I would love to waste and baste that girl. I'd grab a paintbrush, slap some barbecue sauce on that ass, and go to town!
by WasteAndBaster August 06, 2011
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