A creature that eats tobacco, urinates and deficates on children in public showers, and has a foot fetish.
Dude, a Wasson was in the showers. I think I'm gonna puke!
by HCwrestling February 06, 2013
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A word that has become synonimous with a disgustingly sycophantic person who will argue against the majority even if they are clearly in the wrong, just for the sake of arguing. The kind of person whose very presence makes your skin crawl and your hand itch to punch them in the mouth. Hard.
Person 1: See that malnourished, angry, weasely-looking bloke over there? He's a disgusting pillock. He's arguing for absolutely no reason.

Person 2: Oh, yeah I know him! He's a proper Wasson. Makes me want to smash his teeth out with a plank. Man, I hate Wassons.
by timbleuk July 29, 2005
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Wasson is another word for Prozzy (Prostitute)

To have sex with 70ry old asian prostitute with saggy breasts.
I did a Wasson today........

I enjoyed it an might go back there again..

Value for money......
by SORRYMAN September 13, 2008
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Synonymous with seedy cunt.

To chuck a Wasson is to promise a girl to notify her prior to ejaculation, then blow in her mouth anyway and push her into a bush.
"Tell me when you're about to cum"
*cums in mouth*
*pushes in bush*
*later with friends*
"I chucked a wasson on that hoe!"
by Party Kunt™ April 19, 2008
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It's a thin pale sickly poor person (usually female)
that is defensive to prevent being further abused.
Like in the movie karate kid "wash on wash off"
It's also a refrence to klunky ungraceful strippers
and Vietnameese prostitutes.
In the darkness of night all you could see was her large
spoong out eyes that stuck out like two eggs with a black dot in the center that seemed to float in mid air.

Then she lunged on stage and flailed about whirling insanely
around the pole before the wasson tore off her garment
and flung it at random exposing her sagging stretched

It was like an angry tantrum or like A fit of rage more than
anything that even remotely resemble an enticeing dance.
by chips fishy pizza November 21, 2006
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