1. The firing off of a shot from a gun to warn someone you are about to kill them.
Best used when aimed at the head.
... and he did it again so I got the shotgun off the wall and fired off 2 warning shots... in his head
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
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First twitches of the male orgasm. Purposely subdued in an attempt to prevent a full orgasm and prolong the experience. May or may not produce ejaculate.
"When you're getting close you pull out. Sometimes you can stop the warning shots and you can go at it again and then finish up."
by Spaceman 7 December 04, 2011
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The release of several small farts warning that a turd is on it's way.
Johnny felt his guts get heavy, then the warning shots came. He soon needed to find a toilet.
by Poleyhants January 26, 2007
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When you are doing a girl doggie style and you are about to jizz on her back, you pull out and aim high for your first rope. This will sail over her head and serves as notice that there is a sticky load headed her way.
Girlfriend: Did you get some in my hair?
Guy: No baby it cleared. It was a warning shot
by Boomsies December 03, 2011
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When a guy precums
Tyler was embarrassed because his warning shot soaked through his gray sweatpants
by Little Demons August 25, 2017
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