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A brazilian electro/hip hop/pop group formed by 3 members: BeiBei, Pretzky and Jay
Warmie has real hot music!
by Dueces21 February 15, 2011
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"Can I have a warmie?"

"The patient in 5029 asked if you could bring him a warmie"
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by DNP29 August 09, 2017
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Every time Melinda thinks about Brad's new Audi coupe, she finds herself with quite a warmie down there.
by LaskoVortex March 31, 2010
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Warmie refers to people who aren't seen as very cool or try too hard to fit in around those that are defined as 'cool'. Warmie's take on fad's way too late and instantly use new words they hear, or buy knock offs of the newest fashion (fake supreme hats for instance) to fit in with others around them.
Laura:u seem pretty cool what's your secret?
Kane: what do u mean? none i just do what i feel is right...
Laura: yeh but those trainers are in fashion atm
Kane: sorry, wouldn't kno warmie
by Bew Bonik May 27, 2013
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