The act of putting your fist into ones rectum and opening and closing it violently.
I heard John gave his girlfriend the German war machine last night.
by Datcooldude420 November 20, 2016
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(A) A tank. (B) Quite possibly the best band to ever grace the earth with its music. The way this band plays its music will give you happy emotions and make you feel good inside. Once you hear this band you will never feel the need to ever listen to another band again. There really are no words to describe the amazing quality of this band, but if I had to do it in one word the word would be "Boysenberry" because that is my favorite fruit.
Really cool guy: Have you heard that band, 30 Ton War Machine?

Loser: No, are they any good?

Really cool guy: The best! Also, here's that 50 bucks I owe your really hot sister...make sure she gets that, yeah?
by 30 Ton War Machine's #1 Fan March 05, 2009
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When 1 roommate plays 1968 by the turnpike troubadours literally hundreds of times on the guitar in the living room until it's stuck in the other roommate's head and then the second roommate sings the song in his room while the first roommate, who is working in the living room, shushes him.
Lloyd: "it's been a long time coming good to see you my old friend"
Felix, Command in Chief of the Liberal War Machine: "Dude....::implicit Hypocrisy of the Liberal War Machine::"
by levered_lloyd April 21, 2021
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A Marvel superhero Player by actor Don Cheadle, Don’s character, who is part of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe AKA Marvels most known Platform of entertainment), is James Rhodes, an Air force colonel who is best friends with Tony Stark. When Tony Stark First Became Ironman, Tony was very immature, and after a local Ironman meet and greet, he was drunk that night and didn't take his armored suit off, this endangered many people near him, so Rhodes had to steal one of ironmans old suits, and use it to beat him back to his senses. Since that day, Rhodey has militarized that old suit, made it very useful, and became the War Machine. He later joins the Avengers because of how easily he fights with that armor, he is not as good as Iron Man but still very skilled at using that suit. Whats cool is that it took way quicker for Rhodes to learn how to use his suit than it took for Tony to use the Iron Man suit. Yeah thats War Machine...And if I got things wrong, im sorry lol cuz I aint a comic book weeb, these characters are just mad lit so I had to write this low key. anyways peace!!!!
Need back up ?? Just call War Machine
by URBAN RENAISSANCE February 24, 2021
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This is the definition of a feminine looking bloke who tends to have short boy cut hair styles, like that of war machine in black ops 3.
Armanni: That new lass comes through like war machine.
Kian: Oi that my bird u twat
Armanni: pretty sure that’s a bloke
by will vickers 780 October 29, 2019
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