Everyone who don't like life, aka kill me rn
A: "Yoo you have just sent that merssage in the wrong chat"

B: "fuck me, i wanna die

A: "Are u ok?"
B: "Wanna die"
by protuberanza June 13, 2021
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same... same bud
Other Classmate: same
by billie ellish September 30, 2019
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literally everyone in high school rn... like literally kill me now #nocap
teacher: “homework due tomorrow.”
homework- 5,000 page essay on the Great Depression, study chemistry notes for test tomorrow, 3 pages of work for algebra, study for ACT, go over new basketball plays for state championship, and google classroom assignment for English.
me- “i wanna die”
by YayDreyHay January 3, 2019
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Whenever your experiencing anything in the slightest negative way and it’s so uncomfortably annoying that you feel like dying.
Dad: “We have to go to the dentist!”
Me: “I wanna die”
by Philip The Nut November 19, 2017
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Something someone either says when a minor inconvenience happens, or when they've genuinely lost hope.

Please, I know i'm some random stranger on the internet who knows nothing about you, but please just hear me out. There is hope, no matter how shitty life gets. And if you genuinely believe nobody cares about you, I do. I know thats corny, but I hate to hear, see, and just know people are going through the same things as me. Please, get help. But don't call the suicide hotline, they're assholes.
EX1: DAMN IT!1!1!1 I dropped my croissant, I wanna die!

EX2: things have been hard for me, I wanna die.

shitty examples, I know.
by Erebidae October 19, 2021
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A common phrase usually muttered by agitated college students during exam season
Me: I have 5 exams next week and I haven't even touched my textbooks yet. I wanna die 😫😭😣
by UwUltimateDoge October 22, 2019
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