The call of a true Babipurian when they recognise one of their own in the wild.
Person 1: WANKEL!!!!

Person 2: Radishes are a mainstream vegetable!!!
by TheeProstidude August 11, 2020
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Masturbating with your pants or undies around your ankles.
Alice wankeled for several hours before authorities made it through her steel door.
by Hobarto May 17, 2019
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A phychological condition rendering the victim unable to purchase a vehicle not powered by a Rotary engine. Many people with Wankelitis are Mazda fans. Severe cases may cause ranting on the ininefficiencies of the 4-Stroke Engine.
Because of my Wankelitis, I'm buying a Mazda RX-7 FD.
by James Hacklander April 30, 2006
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Correction, Dr. Felix Wankel was the inventor of the ROTARY engine in the 1950's!!
Dr. Felix Wankel was the inventor of the ROTARY engine in the 1950's!!
by BIGCHUBBAY March 16, 2005
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A Rotary engine of extreme perfection which has been tested to speeds in excess of 18000 rpm
the main component is a triangular driver, with three hardened rounded tips which rotate against a stater type outer cylinder.
Masda have the monopoly on them and use them on the RX range.
Earlier engines suffered from burnt out tips.
My new Mazda RX8 will eat your Porsche for breakfast then spit it back out because it will have discovered that it had just eaten a jumped up VW beetle that Hitler commissioned...eeeegh!
oooh i love my wankel.
by murphycat18 August 1, 2008
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ReCorrection: Felix Wankel invented A PISTONLESS ROTARY ENGINE, now known as the Wankel engine. It is a perfection of the original rotary engines, mainly used in airplanes. He did not invent the rotary engine, the same way that the Kimberly-Clark corporation (makers of the Kleenex) did not invent blowing your nose into something.
The Wankel under the hood of his Mazda broke down.
by Epsilon Rho Tau Omega March 22, 2010
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Name - Dr. Felix Wankel perfected the rotary engine.
Dr. Felix Wankel perfected the rotary engine.
by James October 20, 2003
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