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the largest highschool in the state of south carolina. everyone smokes weed, drinks, and whores around. fortunately, the students are all fine as hell, except for the raging spinster thundercunts who run the school.

the school caters to all of mount pleasant (also: the isle of palms, sullivan's island, awendaw, downtown....and also, thanks to the no child left behind program, north charleston, west ashley, james island, etc.) so class changes are like throwing yourselves into a stampede (much like the one that killed mufasa).
that wando bitch is sexy as fuck, too bad she's psycho.
by britt0dakiddo July 14, 2011
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Currently the only high school in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. With over 4,000 enrolled students, Wando is actually one of the best public high schools in the state (academic wise), that is if enrolled in the honors programs. Wando's premiere athletic teams include Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Soccer, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, and Cross Country. However, people only go to their football games to see the band.
A typical Wando girl obsesses over volleyball, photo editing, and the cliche phrases "live live to the fullest" or "live life with out regrets". A typical Wando boy pretends that his football team in the best in the SCHSL AAAA league.
by bittersweetmeat July 31, 2011
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the act of waving your penis in the air, acronym for "wave a nigga dick or somen"
hey check out those fly honeys, im bout to wandos at em
by wilburn24 August 15, 2011
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a meaning-less word you use when you want to be mean but not an ass.
Someone just insulted you and you just say wando.
by Santiago Lennings May 28, 2008
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Drug capital of Charleston. More vapes then people, and more weed than vapes.
John "Yeah at wando I see drug deals on the daily"
Doe "dude school's closed and there's probably a drug deal going on there"
John "true..."
by What's dat boi November 30, 2018
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