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1. The act of touching one's elbowskin
2. A paraphilia for elbows in general.
"Can I wamp your elbowskin?"
by SLBNFS July 04, 2013
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A word used to describe when someone takes a large hit of anything
"He wamped it bro!"
"Big wamps only"
by Jizzbasket April 03, 2019
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a). wamp is when something is huge
b). this normally implies that its butters
c). it is often used in the description of penis
1. my knob is so fucking wamp that when i shoved it up that hoes pussy she was bleeding for weeks.

2. shes got some WAMP forehead... EUERGHHH
by houghy007 July 02, 2006
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An exclamatory remark uttered at volume to express disapproval or to condemn.
-Meant to be a sound that simulates a game show's "wrong' buzzer.
-Origin credited to students of the Roost residence hall's 5th floor at the University of South Carolina.
"We could call those girls that were over here the other night..."
"The fat ones?? WAAAMP!!"

"Wamp that."

"that's a big wamp on that one chief"
by Bobby Murray February 18, 2008
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1. A word used after a word or phrase that fails to entertain an individual or group.

2. Also used to describe a person with that is completely the opposite of being attractive.

3. Imitation of the sound used in cartoons as well as game shows.

Origin - Belleville Crew Team, Belleville, NJ
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side. "Wamp"

Don't i look beautiful today? "Wamp"

by pRoxXii March 17, 2009
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To use one's phallic member in a club-like or swinging motion in order to bruise an individuals eye (give them a "black eye")
"Whoa, what happened to your eye?"
"Oh, Steve wamped me in the bathroom"
via giphy
by The Evil Beazle June 12, 2017
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Something said when someone says or does something really stupid, tries to make a joke that is stupid as well, or just does something really gay or weird that can make everything really awkward.
Example 1:

person 1 "we are sitting in suite 16, hahaha sweet 16!!"

person 2 "wamp"

Example 2:

person 1 "I love the song never gonna give you up by rick astley!!!!"

person 2 "wamp"
by theewammpper May 28, 2009
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