The correct way of saying "Woman".
Bob: That waman over there looks nice...
Jimmy: But Can she do this!
by SpoonHarpoon January 21, 2018
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A woman who needs more attention and respect than other women. Often belong to the feminist community.
Man”hello how are you today?”
Waman”Excuse me? Who do you think you are speaking to me in that tone?!”
by Your eyes and ears March 29, 2018
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A player that Danny Aaron would marry

Danny dream would be if Waksman and king kazu had a baby
by Foldddman April 1, 2021
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This is what gamers call women to try and be funny
Gamer1 kills waman
Gamer1: Waman!!!
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Waman is the way PewDiePie says women
P.S. you should always respect Waman
I'm in the KKK
K- Respecting
K- Waman
K- Club
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The smart real way of saying Woman
Tom: "Dude there to many Woman in here"
Jerry: "Your saying Woman wrong its Waman"
by ya_boi_link January 30, 2019
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A waman is a type of woman that fucking sucks, she is good for nothing and probably emo and demands attention and misleads poor men into simping for her and buying her Tier 3 sub on OnlyFans, she likes to date people she meets on Among Us and tries to make herself part of every situation no matter the circumstances.
Boy 1: Hey you going to the house party next week?
Boy 2: Nah, I heard that fucking waman is gonna be there.
Boy 1: Ugh, another night ruined.
by Averyverypogperson January 25, 2021
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