The world's largest (and cheapest) retail chain. To keep its costs low, this place has shitloads of security cameras, security alarms, and a "restricted item list" (super glue, razor blades, etc.). Wal-Mart doesn't give a fuck if your car gets damaged by a shopping cart. Also note that this place doesn't sell CDs with "Parental Advisory" stickers on them.
I went to Wal-Mart today and was watched by hundreds of security cameras. I bought a Korn CD (edited version) and replacement heads for my Norelco electric shaver, which showed up as a "restricted item" at the checkout. The alarms beeped as I left the store because the dumb-ass cashier didn't deactivate the security device on my Korn CD. The side mirror of my car fell off because it was hit by a shopping cart. The mother-fucker at the service desk said, "We are not liable for vehicle damage caused by carts."
by Your Grandpa November 28, 2004
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The cheap-ass place that is always full of fuckin rednecks every fuckin time i go to the fuckin store! This major "Mom 'n' Pop shop"-devouring corporation is found nationwide, but it always seems to be fuckin packed with rednecks, black and white trash, and other total circus FREAKS!
Wal-Mart is my little slice of Hell.
by bite me October 25, 2004
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A place where you can run around the store and put adult diapers in random peoples carts and won't get kicked out!

Timmy: "Dude, I love Walmart!!"
Tommy: "Why?'
Timmy: "Because I just spent 3 hours running around the store putting adult diapers in peoples carts!!"
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The teenage hangout spot in many American small towns.
John: "Do you want to go cow tipping?"

Joe John: "Yeah, I'll meet you at Wal Mart."
by kevin21boston November 02, 2006
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A white trash term for Wal-mart, usually used when going into gas stations and asking the clerk how to get to the nearest wal-mart.
After getting clear directions, they still have no idea how to get there.
They also look for Shells, Krogers, Targets, K-marts, Ventures, Best Buys, ect.
Scuse me there man, can you tells me wheres the closests wal-marts is from heres, I'm from Chillicothe and they dun aint's gots one there yet. Cuz I needs to get me sum beef jerky and a tweety bird shirt.
by ThE LaTe JC March 23, 2005
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1. Place where 90% of my wardrobe comes from.

2. Store where annoying music and LOUD commercials are blared over loudspeakers, in a curteous attempt to drive shoppers from the store in disgust, before they spend too much money.

3.Store that has merchandise of often decent quality at the lowest prices, now- but just until it has driven all competition out of business....then watch the prices rise!

4. Provider of jobs for people who are too stupid and too lazy to be engaged in meaningful employment. (I once encountered a clerk who was unable to deduct ten-percent from a price in her head!)

5. Store where you can buy cooking utensils- then become hungry and walk to McDonalds without going outside, then walk to the pharmacy, for medicine to relieve the diarrhea caused by the McDonalds.
I need to update my wardrobe- to Wal*Mart!
by Malcolm X-crement January 18, 2004
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Like the cocaine for Rednecks, they just can't stop coming to this economic bully. Walmart is run by fat stupid bald guys who hunt for badgers in their spare time and actually bought that stupid mounted fish that wriggles and sings.
"Hey mom! Look! a Badger Shooting game for only FIVE DOLLARS!!! Yippee!! YODELYODELYODEL!!!!"
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