Wallace: Hey dude, I just bought the new Mac Pro
Random Intelligent Person: You just got wallet raped man. You could build a better computer yourself for half the price.
Wallace: But. but. ummmmm. Apple is better because *insert reasons here that make no sense at all*
by DreadPirateSherberts October 26, 2013
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This happens to anyone whom has paid way too much for something, particularly a designer item that could have been purchased (especially a nice knockoff brand) for about 500% less somewhere else. It usually results in feelings of victimization, embarrassment, and guilt.
Stella realized she was the victim of wallet rape after spending $2869.00 at Neiman Marcus only to find virtually the same ensemble for $250.00 at Bebe Clothing.
by jasmine99999 June 04, 2009
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when a greedy corporation rips you off because they can because you need their service. Most often this is sports teams, music concerts or television cable companies

this is the only time i use rape other than for its proper use. I never use facerape, always facemerked because i watched someone get beaten to death for saying facerape...no word of a lie, that one sets people off
Toronto Maple Leafs tickets were a wallet raping and we lost in overtime because the fucking management has no commitment to anything other than making the first round of the playoffs and then we have missed that two seasons in a row. Someone needs to string those guys up and run them out of town.


Jordana: Take me to the Mary J concert
Adam: how much?
Jordana: idk 300
adam: all together?
Gordon A: each
adam: HA
Gordon: so are you taking me?
Adam: No fucking way!
Jordy: Why not?
Adam: That's a wallet raping!

by adambalder September 16, 2007
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When you go to buy something, and then when your about to pay, you realise that its really expensive but its too late to go back. And you have to buy it. You feel ripped off!
When you are buying popcorn from the cinema. When you pay for it you find out its £5.
- "just the popcorn thanks"
= "ok, thats £5.50 then please."
- WTF, rip off"
= u well just got wallet raped man!"
by wozpot March 19, 2009
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Being forced to hand over money to your bitch to avoid the consequences
Dave: I got wallet raped last nite!

John: She threated not to give you head?

Dave: No, this time she refused to do the laundry unless I gave her a fifty

John: That sucks. What a rapist!
by billycakes October 25, 2009
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Wallet rape: adjective.
Used in the sense that something takes consistent amounts of money. Typically used when referring to games with microtransactions or constant downloadable content you must pay for to continue playing. Could also be used in other situations such as a popular stripper at the club.
Man 1: Hey you should play world of warcraft.
Man 2: No way man that game is wallet rape

Man 1: Yo have you gotten a lap dance from Cookie yet? She's fine as hell.
Man 2: Nah brah that bitch is some wallet rape
by Mr Fluffy Paws September 22, 2017
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