By far the greatest pixar film. The best film I've seen that probably has to do with global warming.That sends a deep meaningful message.
Wall-e sends a huge message to us all it is a deep but cute movie.

Al Gore: Manbearpig.
by browngirlsdonttakebs January 16, 2009
a dance or sex move in which the guy is on the wall and the girl ridin him hard
-That girls so hot
-yup, and i hear shes givin wall-es to every guy she sees
by the new informant July 17, 2009
the act of a girl giving a guy a blowjob.

usually used as wall-e's prolongued pronunciation of his name.
"Dude, I heard Jake's mom gave you a wall-e last night"
"Yeah. Waaaaallllll-eeeee"
by shabazz sweets February 26, 2010
A great Pixar movie or the protagonist of said movie. It's really good and cute, so instead of reading this, go see it now.
"Let's go see Wall-E!"
by GodfatherPart2 July 11, 2008
When you are having sex with a girl and just before you cum you scream out EVVVVVVVAAAAAAA and pullout of the girl and cum all over her nearest plant.
Yo bro why is your girl mad at you?

I totally did The Wall-e on her last night and she’s mad that I called her Eva and that her plant is ruined.

Ha totally got her bro. (High fives)
by B-Durk February 23, 2019
The best Pixar movie ever, and the best movie of 2008.
"It was good, but it was no WALL-E."

i.e. The Dark Knight, "It was okay, but massively overrated and not nearly as good as WALL-E."
by WALL-E Forum October 28, 2008
A nice Walt Disney-Pixar movie:

W - Waste
A - Allocation
L - Load
L - Lifter

E - Earth-Class

"Hey dude is your gf a wall-E type too?"

"No way she´s an EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator)"...
by sTunteDfelLow July 26, 2008