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Pronounced by the locals "Green-pernt." All manner of animal innards hanging in the windows. St. Stan's church was said to bankroll many of the Poles who moved into the neighborhood. The church would give them loans that they could not get at banks, and build life-long reverence.
"Yo, Vasili, look at dat kishka in da windah! Now I knows we's in Greenpoint (Green-pernt)."
by myron greenpoint August 26, 2006
A place of wealth and a place of death *because* not only is the NY Stock Exchange on Wall Street, but at the end is the Trinity Church cemetary, with a bunch of dead souls. The reason it is named "Wall" Street is because when NYC was just a village, the residents built a WALL out of pallisades (wood) as protection from the wild things in the forests north (around Christopher street).
Damn, one day you're a millionaire on Wall Street, the next you're in the Trinity yard at the other end.
by myron greenpoint August 26, 2006
Neighborhood in mid-town NYC, on the east-side in the 30s near the Emprie State Bldg. Named for a hill that used to stand on the Murray's farm, way back when the northern boundary of NYC was Wall Street. The hill has long-since been bulldozed and cemented over.
"Dahling, walking with you is soooo grand in Murray Hill."
by myron greenpoint August 26, 2006