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(n.) Used to stand for Young Urban Professionals, but has now strayed to define the 20-year-olds at Starbucks who type for hours on their laptops, probably writing a novel that they apparently want EVERYONE at Starbucks to be interested in. They often wear stylish black glasses, slim black clothing, tote yoga mats, and big bulky colored scarves regardless of the temperature outside. They are health conscious, live off salad and black coffee, and often frequent poetry slams and wear jaunty berets. If you ask them what they are writing about, expect to be either talked down to, or have them use the biggest words they can think of, even if they're out of context, hoping you don't know the meaning anyway.
Mitch: "Hey look, I've always wondered what it is those yuppies type away on."
Frank: "Bad idea man."
Mitch: "S'cuse me miss, can I ask what you're writing?"
Yuppie: (Looks up from coffee as if she's never seen people before) "It's an esoteric collectivist's detailed analysis of the resurgence of middle-American culture in relation to the increase in demand for soy milk since its invention in-"
Frank and Mitch have died.
by ThankYouDahling August 08, 2010
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Now it's the end of the week; it is time for fredagsmys!
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An acronym originally meaning Young Urban Professionals. Usually referring to one who exhibits pretentious or snobbish behavior.
The two Yuppie met at Starbucks and fell in love while comparing their L.L. Bean catalogs.
by Roze May 24, 2005
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Basically what preps turn into once they hit 21.
Look at that guy over there with the Mercedes and $15 latte. What a yuppy.
by yanorglu March 14, 2009
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The first thing to know about Yuppies is that they have no national or community allegiance; therefore they are International Capitalists who enjoy exploiting the labor of third-world nations for their own private profits. Usually, Yuppies will live in "secured" buildings or a precious "gated community" surrounded by other Yuppies who fear working class retaliation. Yuppies are the bane of all racial minorities and actual Americans because they undermine, subvert and sneer at anyone who does not make $250k a year. Certain Yuppies want so badly the false appearance of being "down" or "hardcore" -- used as a sneaky trick to hide their obviously large paychecks (pejoratively known as a "urban 'hipster' "). But, when push comes to shove they would just call their precious police or cry like little bitches.

Generally speaking, Yuppies love to appear cultured and have roots, when in reality they are just conformist shills willing to do anything and bend over at any command.
Bob: Jim! We need to hire some more compliant Yuppies who will let us use them for our evil goals.
Jim: Yes master. I will see that a new batch are brought in right away, your magnificence.
Bob: Excellent workplace compliance Jim -- sure to reward you many dollars.
Jim: Pleasing my master is the only holy financial goal.
by pickledBUTTOCKS August 24, 2011
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Browntown faggots who are rich off their parents drivin a Benz.
Fuckin' yuppy.
by Dul V June 01, 2009
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