to be very happy; to be euphoric.
On the last day of school, all the children are walk on air

by nylonas February 1, 2016
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1. Happily drunk.

2. So happy as to be almost delirious; in a pleasant daze.
1. While Sarah was walking on air, she sang a completely stupid song.

2. When I found out my parents were getting me a kitten for Christmas, I was walking on air for the rest of the day.
by MissionDoll November 24, 2004
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The smell that occurs when someone walks by, it can be negative or positive depending on the individual- however it is most frequently bad.
"His walk-by air smelled like shit. Damn that boy stink, he need to shower! You know that dick smell like cheese and rotting potatoes."
by sassykitty420xx69 September 17, 2022
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