The term "waifu" is a word that is used prevalently in the Manga/Cartoon, and Video-game fandoms. The origin of the word comes from the katakana word for wife; ワイフ

However, Japanese-speakers will never use that word. The real word for wife is 妻 (tsuma/sai).

"Waifu" is used to refer to a fictional girl or woman (usually in Anime, Manga, or video-games) that you have sexual attraction to, and you would even marry.

Remember; "ワイフ waifu" and "妻 tsuma" are completely different. Waifu is a joke word that Anime fans call fictional female characters that they love and would marry if they were real. Your tsuma is your real wife. That is the real Japanese word for wife.
Example of waifu:

"Do you like Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates?"
"I LOVE Camilla! Her large breasts, her curves,... she's my waifu!" 😍
(This guy has sexual attaraction towards Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates. He would even marry her if she was real, he called her his "waifu"

Example of 妻 :

私は今日結婚しました これは私の妻キコです
「I got married today. This is my wife Kiko.」
(A man was married to Kiko that day. She is real, not a fictional character. The real Japanese word for wife was used.
by Phazer XP August 25, 2019
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A term coined by Otaku and Weeaboo alike for their 2D significant others; predominantly anime and video game characters. A Waifu, in contrast to a harem, is the love between one man and his one and only Waifu. You treat your Waifu with the utmost respect and courtesy and most refuse to even fap to their beloved, seeing the act as an insult to the non-existent woman they have committed themselves to.

A spin-off term "Husbando" followed for Fujioshi who feel similarly towards male characters.
Not even a missing dimension will keep you from your glorious waifu - The Melbourne MX Newspaper
by Chenoan March 25, 2011
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A Waifu is the word for an anime character , which is your "Wife". It also can be engrish , meaning pronounce Wife in japanese. The importenst thing in having a Waifu is to never have more than one. If you do so , your laifu is ruined.
I'm in love with my Waifu
My Waifu can't eat , she is 2D
by WaifuStealer January 14, 2015
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A "Waifu" is a Japanese term drawn from "嫁" or "yome" (romanized) meaning "Wife". Many non-Otakus mistake a Waifu for a best girl, however a best girl is a female character you enjoy to watch, however the term "Waifu" has a much more intimate meaning (sometimes being sexual). There are in-fact 2 different types of waifus, or more accurately the otaku themselves, is whether the otaku "Protecc" or "Attacc," the former being someone who protects their waifu from others who wish to lewd them, and their own waifu from their own lewd thoughts for fear of disrespecting their significant other, and the latter being someone who is in a much more sexual relationship, and is willing to lewd or even beat their meat to. Many otakus also own body pillows or posters with their waifu on it.

It is also forbidden to have more than one waifu, otherwise others of their own kind will try to force you to break up with one.
john: Yo Jim, do you have a waifu?
Jim: No you dumbass weeb.
by epicmemester69_420 June 28, 2019
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Version 1:
"Yeah that's my waifu."

"Go get a life, she's out of your league."

Version 2:

"I want her but she's so far away"

"Yeah because she only exists on your screen dumbass."
by GaylordFaggotry July 22, 2018
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"Waifu" is used to refer to a fictional girl or woman (usually in Anime, Manga, or video-games) that you have sexual attraction to, and you would even marry. But now, there are platforms like WaifuEngine . com that allow you to customize and interact with your very own waifu!
I'm in love with my waifu, and Waifu Engine helped me bring her to life!
by MLE-Chan May 29, 2021
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If youre friends with a weeb, you probably hear this phrase often. A waifu can be a human or an anime character. Waifus are usually attractive, and are ones "best girl" . Real life waifus are what weebs call their girlfriends/platonic lovers.
Omg Kirigakure is my waifu!
by howtobesad101 October 6, 2019
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