This is a Nigerian Slang used commonly in Nigeria to replace the word Problem often.
Eg. If someone asks you to check up info for them, you can reply with "No Wahala" .
by African people February 26, 2016
Wahala is an African word commonly used in Nigeria to express a state of worry, distress, problem or trouble. It is also called pidgin English. Example- "Why you dey give me wahala?" which means, “Why are you stressing me?” or “Why are you Troubling me?”. Another Example would be, " What is your Wahala" which means, “what is your problem?”. The word Wahala can also be used in another context like " No Wahala". This means, “NO problem”. If somebody asks you How are you? you can say “I dey okay, I no get any Wahala", which means, "I am fine, I do not have any problem".
No dey give me wahala- do not trouble

your wahala is too much -your problem is too much
by Farky Farks April 23, 2019
A remark made when confronted with an unusual or difficult situtation
Bode: Omo my bank just debited me for no reason o
Chima: Wahala
by CHUKCHUK May 18, 2021
No problem or no big deal. Combines english 'no' with wahala, which is Nigerian slang for trouble.
"Hey, sorry I didn't return your call last night."

"No wahala, man."
by react November 5, 2007
Naija slang for "no worries" or "calm"
"sorry can't come to your motive tonight"
No Wahala, next time
by Anniex07 December 8, 2019
a pidgin english word used mostly by Nigerians, meaning trouble
musa: o boy wetin happen now?
emeka: me i no sabi oh, that madam jus dey give me wahala
by naija boy October 18, 2004
Nigerian Pidgin (broken English) for no problem or no worries.
He will get it done, no wahala.


I can wait, no wahala.
by OrangeCountyFTW July 16, 2022