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This is a Nigerian Slang used commonly in Nigeria to replace the word Problem often.
Eg. If someone asks you to check up info for them, you can reply with "No Wahala" .
by African people February 26, 2016
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Wahala is an African word commonly used in Nigeria to express a state of worry, distress, problem or trouble. It is also called pidgin English. Example- "Why you dey give me wahala?" which means, β€œWhy are you stressing me?” or β€œWhy are you Troubling me?”. Another Example would be, " What is your Wahala" which means, β€œwhat is your problem?”. The word Wahala can also be used in another context like " No Wahala". This means, β€œNO problem”. If somebody asks you How are you? you can say β€œI dey okay, I no get any Wahala", which means, "I am fine, I do not have any problem".
No dey give me wahala- do not trouble

your wahala is too much -your problem is too much
by Farky Farks April 22, 2019
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a pidgin english word used mostly by Nigerians, meaning trouble
musa: o boy wetin happen now?
emeka: me i no sabi oh, that madam jus dey give me wahala
by naija boy October 17, 2004
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