The act of dropping a deuce upon somebodies laptop keyboard then closing it to smoosh all the poo around. When that sombody decides to write his term paper later that night, he's in for a stinky, sticky surprise. It's great for any occasion.
You cut that shit out, or I'll give your laptop a good ol' waffle iron.
by Mike Lewis April 22, 2005
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When you poop in someone's laptop and then close it
I just gave the teacher a waffle iron. That'll teach that bitch not to give me detention!
by Epic Butters 69 September 07, 2019
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A terrible practical joke or rude method of taking revenge. The attacker defecates on the offender's laptop keyboard, then shuts the lid tightly, thus smashing the feces into the keys. The feces take on the shape of the keys, like a waffle.
"You won't believe this. Someone gave my laptop a Waffle Iron last night after the party."
by ProgressiveMexican November 12, 2009
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Occurs when a man is having sexual intercourse with a woman, but instead of ejaculating in her vagina he pulls out his penis and ejaculates on her face. He then grabs her by the back of her head with one hand, grabs his scrotum with his other, and uses his sack to smear the semen around her face, simulating waffle batter in a waffle iron.

Works best from missionary position.
Doggy also works if she has long enough hair that you can grab and pull her head back, just be careful not to knee your woman in the back of the head when your getting in your jizzin' position!
Waffle Iron
by SwampRat92 February 21, 2011
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When smacking someone in the face or other vital body part with an extremely hot fryer basket. There by leaving a waffle iron shaped burn.
" Sally kept messing up orders so bad. I had to waffle iron that bitch."
by Catobugg July 03, 2012
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stoned, high, baked, kafackled, tripping
used to refer to how you are after you smoke any amount of weed
"Dude I'm so waffle ironed right now"
"Can we go get waffled ironed saturday night?"
by JewLay April 19, 2010
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The waffle iron, simply put, is taking a dump on a persons chest, picking up a tennis raquet, and smacking the poo from the top with the raquet. Thus, creating a "waffle iron" effect on the feces.
while he was passed out, instead of writing on mike, we decided to give him a waffle iron.
by CFP February 22, 2006
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