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noun -

A person far beyond retardation.

A lame idiot.

A cross between someone completely wack and someone utterly retarded.

"I didn't know for the life of me why I couldn't sleep last night. At 3am I finally realized that I'd drank a buttload of Mountain Dew before hitting the sack. I'm such a freakin' wacktard!"

"Did you hear Lady GaGa talking about being 'celebate'? She's such a wacktard!"

"OMG, my stupid boyfriend is late again!? I can't stand his wacktarded a$$ sometimes!!!"
by Queen5683 April 14, 2010
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Wacktard: Somone who is wack, and a retard (not literally). They are stupid and weird, and do odd things at random intervals. Or, someone whom you ever need to insult for any reason at all, they automatically become a wacktard.
1. Say someone calls you a dillhole.
You must call them a wacktard.
You win.
2. friend: "Man, that guy was so stupid to jump off that roof into his pool.'
you: "Yeah, he's a fuckin' wacktard."
by nightXmare April 20, 2005
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