To masterbate with a wacking motion, to Megan Fox with a poster of Jessica Biel on the wall. While listening to the Wezzer song "Why Bother" and talkin dirty while biting your lower lip.
"Kyle 2 was wacking when his mom stumbled in and apluaded at the fact that his pee pee worked"
by Masterbation Analyzist January 22, 2010
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to be a hot white male...that usually turns females on at first glance
DAYMNN that boy is wackin


Theres a lot of WACKINS here
by emshay June 23, 2009
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When a young associate at a law firm sucks up to a partner.
Her partner wackin is getting a little out of control. She has to pretend to agree with everything the partners say and she buys them wine and new shoes all the time.
by wack pack June 29, 2011
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Used to describe when one is sitting around doing nothing. Usually in reference to masturbating. Stroking the cock, massaging the giggle stick, getting your groove on with your hand, flicking the wrist, masturbating.
Wackin' the Dilly: Dude, are you going to do anything today or are you going to sit around Wackin'the Dilly?
by Becky and Jess August 16, 2007
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when he whips it around in the air before sex. he slaps your face with that shit & slaps your ass. it stings against your skin & he groans when they collide. after being whipped around for so long his cum gets all creamed up in his nuts like every little sperm cell was just vibin' in a blender gettin' all creamy. he shoves that shit into your drippin' grandma cooch & it burns. no lube, just straight & dry. you share stds for hours & hours. at the end of this kind of sex you'll insides will be so stirred up & creamified, you will never be the same. & that bitch will have a road rash on his dick for years.
zoro: man i just want chad to put his wackin weener into my dry ass virgin cooch & open me up like never before
theodore: or i could do that
zoro: shut the fuck up you dumb fat fuckin' ugly ass lump tard go shove a dead bird up your ass
by flappy_cooch_69 April 25, 2020
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Of or pertaining to masturbating in a shed, shanty town, or other run down building.
Wackin in the shack was fun for a while, until my dad found out and started doing it with me.
by Wackin in the shack February 21, 2003
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