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Used by Raph in TMNT

Meaning: Crazy, insane.
Raph: "We'll heal. Then we'll beat the shell out of Casey for havin' such a wackbag family."
by Casey_Jones April 02, 2006
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Calling someone a Wackbag is calling someone a pussy or loser. It means a males ball sack. You use it to make fun of someone
Dave your such a Wackbag man, why did you pussy out!
by JmoneyNaperville October 28, 2009
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The term used to describe a male penis including the scrotum sack. Also used to describe someone who is a dumbass and tends to masturbate excessively.
"Dave is such a wackbag for not hooking up with that waitress the other night, she was all over his GQ ass."

"Everyday at work I can see the look in the eyes of all the Directors and Managers when the hot and busty secretary walks by and they are dreaming of hitting their wackbag underneath their desk."

"My wackbag hurts from all the pussy I have been getting."
by BTK3 March 31, 2006
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