Wanders of the Vanquished

An ingame clan created by 'HazelJedi'.
Some games include:

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
MoHAA: Breakthrough
Dude, I just found this ghetto clan called WoV on JK2!
by Arcwave April 07, 2004
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WOV- A term used for yet, another "Very Important" Clan , in Some Game created By Some Random Nobody.

Some games include:

Random Games.

Hi, dude, my name is Arcwave and I am probably one of the n00biest members in this supposedly important enough clan to be defined on Urban Dictionary. Despite my fellow w/e Clan mates, that are most likely "cooler" than I am, and possibly not wanting this kind of attention directed to them, I will arrogantly post this because like every n00b clan member of any random clan I worship my random clan and will do anything in my power to spread their name around, no matter how n00b it makes them look. Possibly even having a saying describing the types of 1337 n00bs they are now attributed to them.

Random Person A 5 Years In The Future: Man, my clan is so Cool I think I will make posts about them on Urban Dictionary.

Random Person B 5 Years In The Future: *Rolls Eyes* Oh God, a fanboy of yet another WoV Clan.
by VideoGameDefinitions? December 26, 2007
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WOV stands for wipe-only visit. Often, after a night of drinking or eating spicy food, a person might have a minor amount of fecal matter leaking out of their anus. This leakiness can often cause itchiness, underwear stains as well as other non-desireable results. It is at these times that said person may need to visit the bathroom to do things other than urinate or defocate, namely, make a wipe only visit to clean the fecal matter from off of the anus.
After finishing off a twelve pack of Bud Light and an extra spicy burrito the night before, Marc woke up feeling particularly bad. A morning dump wasn't enough to close up his anus and liquid shit continued to seep out. His roommate, Cory, listened the next time Marc went to the bathroom, heard no water on water and asked Marc what was going on. Marc informed Cory that he had just made a WOV.
by Turdly Stellenworth July 10, 2008
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