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WOV- A term used for yet, another "Very Important" Clan , in Some Game created By Some Random Nobody.

Some games include:

Random Games.

Hi, dude, my name is Arcwave and I am probably one of the n00biest members in this supposedly important enough clan to be defined on Urban Dictionary. Despite my fellow w/e Clan mates, that are most likely "cooler" than I am, and possibly not wanting this kind of attention directed to them, I will arrogantly post this because like every n00b clan member of any random clan I worship my random clan and will do anything in my power to spread their name around, no matter how n00b it makes them look. Possibly even having a saying describing the types of 1337 n00bs they are now attributed to them.

Random Person A 5 Years In The Future: Man, my clan is so Cool I think I will make posts about them on Urban Dictionary.

Random Person B 5 Years In The Future: *Rolls Eyes* Oh God, a fanboy of yet another WoV Clan.
by VideoGameDefinitions? December 26, 2007

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